Weekly Links 9.22.19

A weekly update of content from around the web including modern takes on the ancient world, material related to this past week’s articles, and a look at what our editorial staff is reading.

This week: 

No, we shouldn’t bury Homer.

Do not decolonize.

On attempting to deal with addiction through books.

How much does an adjunct actually make?

An endorsement of the corduroy jacket.

Have extra textbooks or other Classics books lying around? Donate them to the Sportula’s free textbook exchange and help them connect with a student who needs them!

Donna Zuckerberg: Please enjoy Anne Helen Petersen's deep dive into the history of Jeremy Renner being kind of a tool; seems like we can all finally agree that Malcolm Gladwell isn't such a genius after all; dieting while Latinx; instagram brotography; the heartbreaking math of college admissions shows that it's still a great time to be affluent and mediocre.

Sarah Scullin: Jonathan Van Ness opens up; Haley Joel Osment has thoughts; Catherine O'Hara is surprised; on Chandler Bing's job (as a transponster); the ins and outs of book deals; the secret to better slacking ("slack" as in using Slack for negotium, not as in enjoying otium); an investigation into the brown lipstick of the 90s.

Yung In Chae: One more on Susan Sontag, because it’s by Janet Malcolm, Tavi Gevinson reflects on Instagram’s role in her career, a profile of Constance Wu, that now-infamous Lauren Duca profile and a related analysis of feminist self-empowerment’s failures, the man who wants to save the world with imagination.

Tori Lee: The end (sort of) of the fire lookout; one multiracial family’s experience inside and outside of America’s racial categories; a fire at an artificial bull insemination plant leads to a bull semen explosion; how Boeing’s managerial revolution created the 737 Max disaster; and some wonderful makeup inspiration, because makeup is really damn fun. 

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