Baby Yodalon

The only thing that can unify us in these trying times

If there’s one thing classicists and non-classicists, Star Wars fans and Star Wars ignoramuses, Bernie bros and Warren supporters alike can unify behind, it’s Baby Yoda. I mean, come on. JUST LOOK AT HIM. Little did the Mandalorian know, however, that Baby Yoda’s origins may, in fact, extend back into antiquity. Don’t believe us? See the incontrovertible evidence for yourself.

  1. Baby Yoda Prima Porta

  2. Birth of Baby Yoda

  3. Baby Yoda in Black Figure

  4. Bathing Baby Yoda

  5. Baby Yodatids

  6. School of Baby Yoda

  7. Baby Yoda Throne

  8. Baby Yoda’s Box

  9. Villa of Baby Yoda

    Tori Lee has never seen any of the Star Wars movies but loves him just so much just LOOK at him, he’s so tiny but has giant ears!!!

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