Weekly Links 10.20.19

A weekly update of content from around the web including modern takes on the ancient world, material related to this past week’s articles, and a look at what our editorial staff is reading.

This week: 

On the Hobby Lobby papyri: Candida Moss and this blog post.

Orpheus Girl’s modern twist on an ancient myth.

Inscribed memory, the Holocaust, and the Jewish population of Rome.

Public writing and the junior scholar.

New beginnings for the American Journal of Philology.

Have extra textbooks or other Classics books lying around? Donate them to the Sportula’s free textbook exchange and help them connect with a student who needs them!

Donna Zuckerberg: Is traveling about the country.

Sarah Scullin: Do breech babies require c-sections?; a close look at GoFundMe (it's pretty gross); why budget cooking tips are useless for low-income families; New—It's Adjunct Barbie!

Yung In Chae: On “heteropessimism," how bookworm performativity became commercialized, Andrea Long Chu on her first book, Ali Wong’s guide to Asian restaurants, a power outage in California that heralds the future. 

Tori Lee: Why dial-up internet made that weird sound; a woman grapples with guilt before and after a labiaplasty; how Amazon has transformed the Hasidic economy; a millennial’s memoir of a mental breakdown in Disney World; when you’re assaulted by a doctor at the ER. 

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